2014/2015 PUMP* URG


                                           Faculty and Students during the 2015 Research Symposium

The 2014/2015 PUMP-Undergraduate Research Groups

The following groups were selected for Undergraduate Research funded projects this year. Click on the title of the paper for an abstract of the proposed research. 

Hyperbolic Invariants for Non-Hyperbolic KnotsCSU Long Beach

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Blair

Students: Heidi Furlong and Leslie Rodriguez


Study of a Deletion Game on GraphsCSU Fresno

Advisor: Dr. Oscar Vega

Students: Richard Adams and Janae Dixon


Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Partial Differential Equations: CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Szypowski

Students: Diana Gonzalez and Talin Mashihimirzakhanian


Isoperimetric Constants of Generalized Paley GraphsCSU Los Angeles

Advisor: Dr. Anthony Shaheen

Students: Gustavo Subuyuj and Spencer Johnson


Analysis of Coexistence Solutions of Intraguild PredationCSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Ramin Vakilian

Students: Brianna Amador and Govanni Granados


Graph Coloring Parameters: CSU San Bernardino

Advisor: Dr. Min-Lin LO

Students: Alberto Acevedo and Marcos Reyes


The Effects of Intraspecific Genetic Variation on the Dynamic of Predator-Prey Ecological Communities: CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Jing Li

Students: Samuel Fleischer and Pablo Chavarria


Modeling of the developing Locus Coeruleus in mammalian infant brains and the impact on sleep-wake circuit: CSU San Marcos

Advisor: Dr. Badal Joshi

Student: Justin Alvany


Deterministic and Stochastic Modeling of HIV Population Dynamics: CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. Randall Swift

Students: Moriya Armstead, Weston Beck

Lauren Gomez and Emily Jasien