The first goal of the PUMP Program is to identify mathematical talent among minority students, women, and first-generation college students in the California State Universities. Students in these underrepresented groups abound with, in particular, many predominantly Hispanic/Latino regions. The second is to strengthen the preparation of participating undergraduates to successfully pursue doctoral studies in a research institution. The third is to create a network of faculty mentors and the building of a supportive community.

PUMP students go through a residential and intensive summer program in their transition from lower to upper division courses and undertake research projects in their junior or senior year. PUMP students will acquire the appropriate mathematics background and skills to achieve a smooth transition into a college degree in Mathematical Sciences and later into a well-respected PhD program.

The PUMP community still exists and is active. We are searching for funds to continue running all PUMP’s components and expand the program to other universities in the country.

Accolades for PUMP