2015/2016 PUMP* URG

Faculty and Students in Research Symposium on April 23, 2016.

Click here for the program and abstracts of the talks

Twelve groups were selected for the PUMP-URG program this year. Click on the title of the paper for an abstract of the proposed research.

Constructing solutions totruncated moment problems and applications to PDEs: CSU Channel Island.

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Flores

Students: Ty Danet and Paul Estrada.

Wronskians and Linear Dependence: CSU Dominguez Hills.

Advisor: Dr. Wai Yan Pong

Students: Keith Ball and Cynthia Parks.

On an Extension of the Manifold Concept: CSU Fullerton

Advisor: Dr. Alfonso Agnew

Students: Amy Feaster and Eric Flynn.

Lattice Theory - The exploration of tensor products: CSU Los Angeles

Advisor: Dr. Grant Fraser

Students: Julio Navarro and Manuel Chavae.

Analyzing Combinatorial Games: CSU Los Angeles

Advisor: Dr. Silvia Heubach

Students: Diamond Barajas and Jonathan Sahagun.

Graph Coloring Parameters: CSU San Bernardino

Advisor: Dr. Min-Lin Lo

Students: Joanna Machuca and Vanessa Vega.

Predictive Analystics for College Student Success: CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Bruce Shapiro

Students: Diana Contreras and Ramiro Garcia.

An Investigation of the set of Primitive Nondeficient Numbers: CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. Mitsuo Kobayashi

Students: Fany Salazar and Huyen Le.

Impact on population dynamics resulting from loss of sexual signalin a parasitized species of field crickets: CSU San Marcos

Advisor: Dr. Badal Joshi

Students: Juan Lopez and Vanessa Dominguez.

Lattice Approximation: CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. John Rock

Students: Miguel Landeros and Alain Chau.

On a Generalization of the Collatz problem: CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Werner Horn

Students: Miriam Ramirez and Melida Paz.

Exploration of Newton's Method: CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. Hubertus Von Bremen

Students: Samantha Secor and Anthony Simon.