2016/2017 PUMP* URG

Fifteen groups were selected for the PUMP-URG program this year. Click on the title of the paper for an abstract of the proposed research.

An epidemiological approach to the spread of two classes of voters

CSU Channel Island

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Flores and Dr. Selenne Bañuelos

Students: Haley Peña and João Aguilar.

Harmonic Numbers

CSU Dominguez Hills

Advisor: Dr. Serban Raianu

Students: Natalia da Silva and Hector Salgado.

Eigenvalues of large matrices, with applications to differential equations

CSU Fullerton

Advisor: Dr. Tyler McMillen

Students: Annelise Hitchman and Allen Alvarez-Loya.

Discrete Approximations of the Plane Coloring Problem

CSU Los Angeles

Advisor: Dr. Mike Krebs

Students: Angel Chavez and Gwen Ostergren.

Managing migration: insight from a network model

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Maria D”Orsogna

Students: Neda Saleem and Kyle Pacheco.

Development of Fast Numerical Algorithms to Evaluate Convolution Using Number- Theoretical Transforms

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Alexander Alekseenko

Students: Eduardo Mujica and Brandon Sripimonvan.

Radio Number for Square Cycles

CSU San Bernardino

Advisor: Dr. Min-Lin Lo

Students: Joel Salazar and Yazmin Estrada.

Novel Definitions of Bridge Number and the Meridional Rank Conjecture

CSU Long Beach

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Blair

Students: Roman Velazquez and Paul Villanueva.

The Mosaic Number of Torus Knots

CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. Robin. T. Wilson

Students: Alexis Ayala and Joshua Barajas.

An Operations Research Approach to Water Allocation

CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Switkes

Students: Ashley De Luna and Saul Covarrubias.

On Generating Classical Multiplier Sequences

CSU Fresno

Advisor: Dr. Tamas Forgacs

Students: Alexandra Leon and Summer Al-Hambani.

Orthogonal Latin Squares and Nets in CP 2

CSU San Bernardino

Advisor: Dr. Corey Dunn

Students: Marlene Guerrero and Ernesto Gonzalez.

Inverse Galois Problems

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Katherine Stevenson

Students: Vincent Newberry and Stanislav Trunov.

The 2-page local crossing number of the complete graph

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Bernardo Abrego

Students: Leah Schulman and Julian Corpeno.

Analysis of an Age Dependent Elastic Malaria Model

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Ramin Vakilian

Students: Vanessa Klotzman and Giovanny Marquez.