2017/2018 PUMP* URG

Below are the PUMP-URG projects for this year. Click on the title of the paper for an abstract of the proposed research.

Data analytics,voter dynamics, and other social justice issues

CSU Channel Island.

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Flores

Students: Nathalie Huerta and Kayla Roberts

Metrics on Graphs: Fractional ErdosNumbers

CSU Dominguez Hills.

Advisor: Dr. Wai Yan Pong

Students: Kayla Lock and Alex Wittmond

Zeros of Polynomials generated by Quadratic-FactorDenominator

CSU Fresno

Advisor: Dr. Khang Tran

Students: Abigayle Dirdak and Daniel Hooker

Radio-k-labeling and Upper Trace Number of Distance Graphs

and Circulant Graphs

CSU Los Angeles

Advisor: Dr. Daphne Liu

Students: Elizabeth Metzler-Winslow and Brenda Tenorio

Discrete Approximations of the Plane Coloring Problem

CSU Los Angeles

Advisor: Dr. Mike Krebs

Students: Manuel Davila and Cynthia Ramirez

A Tree of T-Structures on Elliptic Fibrations

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Jason Lo

Students: David Angeles and Courtney Van Der Linden

Motor Vehicle Casualty Analysis:

Statistical and Probabilistic Models, Estimates andPredictions

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Mark Schilling

Students: Jennifer Kampe and Gabriella Negrete

A Sequence Involving Products of Prime Powers

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Werner Horn

Students: Trevor Klar and Eli Moore

WeightedPoincaré Type Inequalities on Domains with a Cusp

Cal Poly Pomona

Advisor: Fernando López García

Students: Giao Bui and Van Tran

ActuarialModeling and Catastrophe Theory

CSU San Bernardino

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Chavez

Students: Llasmin Lopez and Cynthia Villegas

Geometry oflog-unit lattices

CSU San Marcos

Advisor: Dr. Shahed Sharif

Students: Christopher Powell and Fernando Tellez

The Well-Tempered Guitar

San Jose State

Advisor: Jordan Schettler

Student: Mitchell Chavarria

The Laplacian Operator on CountableGraphs

Cal Poly Pomona

Advisor: Dr. Ivan Ventura.

Students: Juan Jose Salinas, Rachel Anne Gray, and David Krbachian