2013/2014 PUMP* URG

The 2013/2014 PUMP Undergraduate Research Groups:

Developmental Patterning of the Shoot Apical Meristem

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Bruce Shapiro

Students: Michelle DeVost and Brianna Amador

Mixed Effects, GLM and GAM of Ecological Data

CSU Channels Island

Advisor: Dr. Cindy Wyels

Students: Andrew Navarro and Blaine Kutin

Fractal Geometry and Number Theory Research Project:

CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. John Rock

Students: Kristin Dettemers and Robert Giza

Isoperimetric Constants of Paley Graphs

CSU Los Angeles

Advisor: Dr. Anthony Shaheen

Students: Kevin Cramer and Nicole Shabazi-Abajlou

Polynomials Over Finite Rings

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Katz

Students: Raemeon Cowan and Lauren White

Deterministic and Stochastic Modeling of Population Phenomena

CSU Pomona

Advisor: Dr. Randall Swift

Students: Natalie Gasca and Grace Lim

Distance Graphs and Number Theory Problems

CSU Los Angeles

Advisor: Dr. Daphne Liu

Student: Daniel Collister

Simulating the Interaction of Neodymium BuckyBalls on a Plane

CSU Northridge

Advisor: Dr. Jorge Balbas

Students: Chloe Bled and Joseph Ajayi

Please check this site later for more information about their research. These groups will be presenting their work on April 26, 2014 in PUMP Research Symposium (more later).

*PUMP: PREPARING UNDERGRADUATES thorough MENTORING towards PhDs is designed to help students interested in Mathematics to pursue a successful career in this field. It is supported by the National Science Foundation.