Summer 2013 Program

2013 PUMP Summer Program - July 7 - August 2

California State University Northridge

The 2013 summer program was hosted by California State University Northridge.

The participants were:

It was a seven-day-a- week program that prepared students for taking advanced mathematics courses. Dr. Stephen Breen (CSU Northridge) assisted by the graduate students Lorena Lopez, Robert Ostrander, and Austin Nickel worked in the program. Click here for the list of topics covered in Summer 2013.

The program also had the following speakers:

Dr. Michael Cranston, U.C. Irvine

Dr. Tomothy Lucas, Pepperdine University

Dr. Geoffrey Buhl, CSU Channel Island

Dr. William Yessen, Post-Doc at Rice University, former CSUN student

Dr. Triet Pham, Post-Doc at Rutgers University, former CSULB student

Cynthia Flores, Ph.D. candidate at UCSB, former CSUN student

Peri Shereen, Ph.D. student at UCR, former CSULB student

Donna Blanton, Ph.D. student at UCR, former CSULB student

Gerardo Zelaya, Master student at CSUN

All talks emphasized the importance of getting a doctoral degree, how to select and apply to PhD programs and how to be prepared and succeed in such programs.

We also had Nisha Khilnani, Undergraduate at CSU Pomona and Omar Mendez, Master student at CSU Pomona, that gave information about REUs and other summer programs.

*PUMP: PREPARING UNDERGRADUATES through MENTORING towards PhDs is designed to help students interested in Mathematics to pursue a successful career in this field. It is supported by the National Science Foundation .