2020/2021 PUMP* URG

Below are the PUMP-URG projects for this year. Click on the title of the paper for an abstract of the proposed research.

Fractal Geometry of Affine Attractors

CSU East Bay.

Advisor: Dr. Andrea Arauza Rivera

Students: Adam Lankford and Sandra Torres

Mathematical Explorations into Quantum Gravity

CSU Fresno.

Advisor: Dr. Michael Bishop

Students: Dhan-Ruzzle Bautista and Anthony Cortez

Topological Properties of Three-dimensional Rep-tiles

CSU Long Beach.

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Blair

Students: Zoe Marley and Ilianna Richards

Particle-In-Cell (PIC) Methods for the Vlasov-Poisson Equation

San Francisco State University.

Advisor: Dr. Henry Boateng

Students: Bhavna Singh and Erick Velez

Financial Volatility Estimation through Data Mining Techniques

CSU Fresno.

Advisor: Dr. Steve Chung

Students: Katelyn Clark and Vathana To

Predictive Modeling of Mathematics Course Enrollment and Success

CSU Stanislaus.

Advisor: Dr. Jessica De Silva

Students: Aaron Cordeiro and Sherly Yaghoubi

Metric Basis Reconfiguration

Cal Poly Pomona.

Advisor: Dr. Briana Foster-Greenwood

Students: Jimmy Morentin and Evelyn Torrico

Predictive Multi-scale Modeling of Postnatal Regulation of Protein Synthesis in Gilts

San Diego State University.

Advisor: Dr. Uduak George

Students: Brooke Tyler and Sashiel Vagus

Combinatorial Game Theory: Ramsey Avoidance Games and Upset-Downset

San José State University.

Advisor: Dr. Tim Hsu

Students: and Jennifer Luu

Mathematical Modeling of the Immune Response to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2): Implications for Pathology and Treatment

Humboldt State University.

Advisor: Dr. Kamila Larippa

Students: Ana Sammel and Emmas Villages

Distance Graphs and Density of Sequences with Forbidden Separations

CSU Los Angeles.

Advisor: Dr. Daphne Liu

Students: Joyce Quon and Mason Shurman

Radio Number for 5th Power Paths

CSU San Bernardino.

Advisor: Dr. Min-Lin Lo

Students: Roberto Hernandez and Carolina Samano

An Application of a Weighted Discrete Hardy Inequality on Trees to the Friedrich's Inequality on a Fractal Domain

Cal Poly Pomona.

Advisor: Dr. Fernando Lopez-Garcia

Students: Andrew Aguilar and Jezreel Sabugo-Llamas

Interaction Networks Emerging from Birth-Death-Disposal Processes

San José State University.

Advisor: Dr. Wes Maciejewski

Students: Julianne Garcia and Shayna Gaulden

Racial, Gender, and STEM Career Representation in Mathematics Textbooks

CSU Fullerton.

Advisor: Alison Marzocchi

Students: Alexis Di Pasqua and Emily Rumaldo

Wave Propagation in Dynamic Composites

San Francisco State University.

Advisor: Dr. Ornella Mattei

Students: Kenny Kong and Diana Madrigal

Networks of Calcium Channels

Humboldt State University.

Advisor: Dr. Bori Mazzag

Students: Megan Johnson and Viridiana Macias Contreras

Modeling the Spread of COVID-19

CSU Northridge.

Advisor: Dr. Carol Shubin

Students: Erick Castillo and Gulnaz Shalgumbayeva

The Topological Symmetry Groups of the graphs in the Peterson Family

Cal Poly Pomona.

Advisor: Dr. Robin Wilson

Students: Deion Elzie and Daniel Silva

The application period is now closed, but the details of the application process is included below for convenience.

The CSU Alliance for PUMP (Preparing Undergraduates through Mentoring toward PhDs) invites Mathematics Faculty from any CSU campus to submit proposals for the Undergraduate Research Groups. Each group should be composed of one faculty member and two mathematics majors who have passed the lower-division courses required as part of the major.

The project will pay $5,000 for the faculty advisor. Each student will receive a $3,000 stipend (paid in two installments) for completion of the project (applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents).

How to apply?

Email jordan DOT schettler AT sjsu.edu with Undergraduate Research Groups in the subject line and attach an application package containing the following materials (please use a pdf merger to make only one file: e.g., you could use the pdfpages package in LaTeX or www.pdfmerge.com,):

1. A completed application form.

2. Narrative describing the research to be accomplished: Less than 5 pages.

3. Advisor's Short CV: 2 pages.

4. Each participating student: A copy of unofficial transcript and a one-page description of your academic interests and career goals.

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Due to the COVID 19 Crisis,

we have an updated deadline.

Send an intent to apply ASAP (but no later than April 5, 2020)

containing the following

  1. an email jordan DOT schettler AT sjsu.edu with Undergraduate Research Groups in the “subject” line saying you intend to apply and

  2. a tentative spring date (before April 12) when you may have (1) your project statement, and/or (2) your students' statements submitted.

For more information on how to apply and submit a successful proposal, please read the Directions to Advisors document. Decisions will be announced no later than April 30, 2020.