Summer 2015 Program

Alicia Arruas - Master student at Cal Poly Pomona

2015 PUMP Summer Program – July 6 – 31

The 2015 summer program was hosted by Cal Poly Pomona.

Participating Faculty: John Rock and Arlo Caine, Cal Poly Pomona

Teaching Assistants:

Brandon Coya - PhD student at UC Riverside

Rolando Santiago - PhD student at the University of Iowa

The participants were:


Dr. Erika Camacho (ASU), July 9

Dr. Joe Omojola (SUNO), July 17

Dr. Cynthia Flores from CSU Channel, July 20.

Dr. Aloyius Helminck (NCSU), July 22

Former PUMP students, Brianna Amador, Sam Fleischer, Kristy Haffner, Lauren White, Susan Debb, Michelle Leslie, Brian Friday and Samul Lopez visited the program and spoke to students about their experiences after the PUMP program.

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